PERNATURAM Solstice Immune Herbs for Horses strengthens the defences Reviews with

Herbs for horses: Sonnenwend - Immune herbal mixture for horses

Strengthens the immune system Please select 1 kg or 3 kg units and add to shopping cart. (Larger containers on request) The turning points in the cycle of the year are times of highest power. In plants, active substances are concentrated in blossom and leaf in winter in root and wood. PerNaturamSolstice-Immune Herbs combine both elements to strengthen your horse's immune system.

Composition of the horse herbs: Red coneflower St. John's wort Mistletoe Hawthorn Rosemary Vervain Chamomile and taiga root Recommendation for use: Herbs should always enrich the feed. Depending on the size of the horse, mix one to three handfuls of PerNaturam Solstice Immune Herbs into the feed daily.

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