EMIKO HorseCare Stable Cleaner

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natural control of germs, stench of ammonia, flies and dust in the stable and in the horse's environment.

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EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner promotes a stable climate that is sustainably beneficial to the horse's well-being when used regularly.


The effective micro-organisms contained in the product change the environment in the stable for the better, so that decomposition processes are curbed. Unpleasant odours and ammonia gas do not arise in the first place.
The lack of decay in the litter prevents parasites and flies from reproducing, which is particularly noticeable in the summer months when there are fewer flies.
In addition, germs and moulds cannot spread and dusts are metabolised by the microorganisms. The result is significantly purified breathing air for all horses in the stable, which relieves their sensitive respiratory tracts.
The effect of EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner on the bedding is also gentle on the skin and hooves.


The advantage of EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner over commercially available cleaning agents or disinfectants is that a balanced environment of good microorganisms is maintained. Conventional products destroy the disease germs, but also the positive microorganisms that counteract disease-causing germs.

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