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Makana ® Black cumin oil (black seed oil) 1000 ml bottle
with 20ml metering unit 100% pure for animals

Pure black cumin oil cold pressed from egyptian Nigella
Sativa Seed in the Makana oil mill

The Nigella Sativa seed is known and successfully used
for more than 3000 years. Its oil (black cumin oil)
contains a lot of valuable unsaturated fatty acids and rare
oil fractions. It delivers the basic substances to help the
body to produce Prostaglandin.

Recommendations for daily consumption:
Horses: Each day 20 ml

Black cumin oil is produced in the Makana oil mill by an
only medium pressure cold press process. So the
maximum possible quantity of valuable contents are won
from the seed. There are no chemical extractions nor are there any additions. Enjoy 100% pure black cumin oil a
gift of nature known and praised since more than 3000

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